Panama – Day 2

12 Sep
Sorry but email problems with photos to some, and haven’t had access to deal with it. Both file size problems to some, and internet for laptop access with travel. However, we did get our SIM changed out on the iPad2, and it works great. We tracked our travel live cross country on it with the Map App. Haven’t tried our ‘local’ cell phone yet.
Anyway, Thursday was relatively uneventful. We rode the bus from Panama City to David, about
7 hours with a stop mid-way for a break. It was a good day for travel as rained some over half the way.
The bus was comfortable, with recliner seats and a bathroom at the rear. It was nearly full, and is how the ‘normal’ people travel. $16.20 each for about 350 miles of travel, and we got to see some of the countryside. Closer to David there were some steep hills and deep canyons everywhere. reminded me of pics of Switzerland with livestock grazing on narrow paths which circled the hills, with very steep drop offs.
We were stopped twice enroute, once by some sort of customs/immigration agents in civilian dress, and another by the National Police, in uniform and with an apparent drug sniffing dog. They checked the luggage compartments and ID/Passports. Generally no big deal.
Got to our hotel, a Best Western in downtown David. I won’t elaborate but it was the worst place we have encountered on all our travel, ever. Trip Advisor has heard, and Best Western will too soon, w/pics.

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