Panama – Day 3

12 Sep
We got our car this morning, and drove about an hour up the hills to Boquete (note the picture at the top of the blog of the valley the town sits in). Very nice day here…sunny, some clouds sitting on the tops of the surrounding mountains. The supposedly ‘small town’ was much larger and busier than we had imagined. Got to our hotel, Villa Marita, ( ) and have a small casita. It has bedroom, bath, small living area, a nice covered patio with a great view across a narrow valley towards the higher mountains. It has been warm. Easy to ‘break a sweat’ when active (never a problem for either of us), but sitting here typing on the terrace is very comfortable. Even David, which is reputed to be extremely hot and humid was comfortable for us. Had a nice dinner there last night at a TGIFriday’s. Our waitress was excited because in 5 days she joins family in
Washington D.C.
New- just added (3/20/12):
A video on the Boquete area: Beautiful Boquete, Panama
Found a narrated video “drive around Boquete”:  Narrated Boquete Drive
Anyway all going good so far. Will begin exploring today, and look to make some contacts to view some rental properties to get a feel for what’s available and price ranges. At our age we have no intention of buying.
Will work on the ‘picture situation’, and hope to send more soon. Especially one for Derek and Poppy. One a MAC store at the mall, and a childrens store by the name of ‘Poppy’s’, both at the downtown upscale Mall. (Note: attached earlier in the blog.)
Additional info on the day: We met with a builder, English born, from Canada,  we had contacted prior to the trip. He has a large home with 2 apartments he rents (both currently rented but will vacate periodically). He is also building new condos….4 unit buildings with 2 up and 2 down. He has two of these built and occupied. 3 of the units are rented out by their owners. And he has 2 more buildings under construction. One is about 6-8 weeks from completion, and the other a month or 2 following. As those finish he will be starting an aditional 4 to 6 buildings staged in sequence. The property has an unfinished masonry fence around the completed buildings (open on the ends toward the newer construction areas, and will be completed as they are. Electric gates for entrances at each end. And a central activity area with barbeque/picnic area, etc. yet to come.  It is all higher end US quality construction. New high pressure water lines, project self-contained sewage treatment, etc. Environmental stuff here is a big deal too. Units are about 1400  Sq. Ft., with 2 BR’s, 2 Bath, Living & Dining area and large well equiped Kitchens. Units are selling for $120K-$130K and renting for about $750/mo. which included, gas (they use 20 gal. portable bottled gas everywhere), electric (not Air/Cond.), and garbage. Cable/Internet would be additional. No one here has heat or A/C as no one needs or uses it. They do use dehumidifyers, and the units have built in drains for those. Anyway interesting project, and much like what we had researched online.
Roger, the English-Canadian, is big into horses. His wife lived near Spokane at one time. He is probably 50-55, and competes in riding events, barrell racing, etc., and had a wall of blue and red ribbons and trophies.
Enough for now…will work on some more pictures.

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