Panama – Day 4

13 Sep

We decided to take a drive to Volcan, another smaller town we had been looking at. Both Boquete and Volcan are near Volcan Baru (Baru Volcano), an extinct volcano which is over 11,400 ft elevation. Sadly it was cloudy and some rain so didn’t get a good view of the tallest mountain here but it was a nice drive. In the past it was pretty much necessary to drive back to David to get to roads to Volcan, but there is a new road which cuts through shortening the trip. The paved road is excellent however there is a thing here of almost no signage. Even in Boquete the occasional corner street sign is an afterthought. Since there are no addresses there is no mail delivery, and everyone goes in person to various places to find out their bills and pay for cells, electric, cable. Since most use gas for cooking and water heating using the propane bottles, they fill those themselves.

Back to the drive….the mountain areas are still very steep canyons, so there were a lot of up and down hills and switchbacks. Still a pretty drive, some farms, dairy and beef cattle scattered, some coffee, sugar cane, etc. Again we were able to track our route live with the iPad Map App even there was no road on the map!

Came back thru David where we stopped at the KFC. They have Playlands in some here apparently. It was very busy, and we were glad for the picture menus on the walls because the Spanish is still VERY limited. But we’re doing OK with that too

Forgot our laugh from day 3 for all. On our drive around the mountains all of a sudden the emergency flashers began flashing on our brand new car. We looked for the switch while still trying to keep the car on the road. Turn signal have the switch? Nope…no where! Maybe the wiper lever? Ditto! Finally found a place to stop kind of off the road, and looked everywhere…floor switch? On the dash? Absolutely no joy!! So we drove all the way back to Villa Marita with lights aglow. Googled the car rental to get a phone #, and got one of the ladies in the office to call them on my phone for help. Seems the switch is the big round button with the usual RED triangle logo under the radio in the center of the A/C button and the Heater button. BULLS EYE….dead center….right there!! Yahh we all feel dumb once in a while.

Anyway we weren’t much impressed with Volcan with a cursory overview. It was a busy little place on a Sunday but not much there beyond very basic. Did have a nice lunch at a large restaurant on the right as you go into town.


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