Panama – Day 5

13 Sep

There she goes! This is our main coffee stop, 3 blocks away from our ‘ hacienda’. There’s a bank (one of 3 large ones in the same block). ATM works great. Also an ice cream store with games, several ‘adventure travel’ outlets (tours, zip-line, etc.), and a Spanish Language school.

So day five got off to a bit of a rough start. Villa Marita had problems with their hot water supply. Seems there is no water problem anywhere in Panama, just a ‘delivery’ problem. Well after having one almost body temprature shower in 3 days, we left. We knew the place was ‘spartan’ as to facilities but adequate for our needs….except it turns out for bathing.

Anyway we moved on to Isla Verde in town. It’s an upgrade for sure….beautiful grounds like Villa Marita but the Casita’s are fully equiped, including kitchen, dishes, etc. For those interested we emailed links separately but include them here. Hopefully they work better than the first links I placed in an earlier email!

Villa Marita, lodging where we spent the first few days.
Isla Verde, lodging where we are now, thru tomorrow.
Flickr photos:  some pictures of the area over the past couple days.
Sorry the link required a password. Photos moved to a ‘slide show’ on Day 7.
Some of the day was spent packing and unpacking. The rest was spent looking around town, shopping for some groceries, and of course a mocha or 2!! Coffee here is excellent, and grown all around the area. And we’ve learned how to order what we want, pretty easily actually. Cleo actually bought a sweatshirt as she has been ‘cool’ some of the time. It’s the Wet Season, of the 2 season Wet/Dry with the dry being Mid-Nov. to mid-Mar. With the altitude, about 4-5000 ft. the climate is cooler and less humid. We had a thunder storm late afternoon. We found decent maps of Boquete (difficult to do outside the town), and drove around a bit.
Apparently the link I sent out to access this blog didn’t work. Took it directly from here but have corrected whatever and tested it, and sent the ‘new’ one out via email to all.
Back tomorrow!

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