Panama – Day 6

13 Sep

Huge thunder and lightning storm late last night. Loud rainfall on the roof for quite a while. Saw some lightning flashes and heard thunder around 8PM while we watched some TV (yes they have dozens of channels, many in English with  & without subtitles, and a lot of Spanish language channels. Storm woke Cleo up later in the night, but I missed out…..ha-ha. By morning it was long gone, and the sun was breaking thru the clouds, and it became a very nice day.

The office manager here, Sabrina (German?), told us of a local farmers/craft market on Tuesday’s only, in a community activity center across the bridge just several blocks away. So we decided to check it out. Much of it was handcrafts, sewing, jewelry (bead necklaces for dogs? Poppy, new product?), etc. Even water purification equipment, and some sort of mold prevention/removal? equipment. Spent some time looking and visiting. Met several North Americans who sell some things there, including a real estate sales person to add to our collection. Cleo bought a green something which looks like a pear, but its some sort of veggie. Guy selling it and other citrus fruit and veggies spoke English well, and told her how to fix it. Apparently its eaten raw, boiled, mashed, sliced, mixed with meats, etc. and also restuffed back into shell/skin etc.(twice baked potatos?) We ‘had to’ pick up the spice to try it out tonight with chicken dinner here at our ‘home’. Verdict later!!

Stopped at the Romero’s (grocery store) to pick up the spice and other items. Came back to eat some lunch here and went for a drive up around the mountains to the east and north. Windey road, many areas where it is one lane because the road has fallen away from erosion. Still a much better road paving than the western road we took previously (emergency flashers anyone?). Lots of HUGE homes/estates, orange groves, coffee, and sugar cane, horses and some cattle.

A bit past 5 here now, and dinners on the way. I finally caught up with the posting so its current. Have been doing ‘daily posts’ after the fact when I found the email stuff wasn’t working well.

Avenue Centro, Main Street looking north.


One Response to “Panama – Day 6”

  1. Dick Grant September 14, 2011 at 12:31 pm #

    Ray and Cleo, Thank you for the wonderful pictures and dialogue of your travels! We are enjoying them very much and hope that the flood of sights and information that you have been acquiring continue to be as informative and enjoyable as we find them. We will continue to “Walter Mitty”-like enjoy your emails. In a small way, it is like being with you on a travelogue.

    The pool coating was finished yesterday. They left us a note to begin filling on Saturday.

    Hugs, Joanie and Dick

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