Panama – Day 7

14 Sep

Cleo has found a new ‘favorite spot’. No surprise there!

The weather today was really windy for a bit this morning, and after a few very light sprinkles around 9AM it opened up. Still cloudy but some blue patches and sun.

The photos I referenced on Flickr were not supposed to require a password. So I’ve moved them here:

Our current Casita!

Seems we had a ‘rerun’ last night of the no hot water episode….We had none. Called the office and they came right over with a full propane tank. Between showers and washing dishes we used what was left in the tank. There is no gauge so they just replace as necessary. We had all the hot water we could possibly use in a few minutes. They told us everything is piped and next week they hook up all the units to a large central tank. Leave it to us!

We had a quiet day. Walked down to the coffee shop after breakfast and watched the world go by for a bit. There were a couple tour groups organizing for the ‘adventure’ offerings (zipline, rock climbing, rafting, etc.). Had the first hamburger since we left the states.  Had a little trouble understanding all the add ons offered (lettuce, tomato, onion-cebolla).

Reviewed some online Real Estate listings for area rentals and went for a drive to one next door to Villa Marita where we were originally. No one home, only a tenant in a unit who spoke english but had no other information. We may call the owners later. We drove out a different area north of town nearly up to the National Park area which has very limited access or roads. They intend to keep those primitive, and mostly for use of aboriginal tribes still in many of them, as well as wildlife refuge.

Going out for dinner tonight, somewhere….haven’t decided yet. Then back to pack for tomorrow. We drive back to David, and fly back to Panama City, Albrook Airport (regional airport). Then we’ll rent a car and drive about 1 1/2 hours west to the other areas we want to see. Will try to keep us the postings but tomorrow may well be a next day after the fact again.

Update: We decided to return to Machu Picchu Peruvian Restaurant again for our final night in Boquete. Primarily seafood, it was great. A very neat, clean place with full bar and good service.

Machu Picchu Peruvian Restaurant


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