Panama – Day 8

15 Sep

Busy day today. Loaded the car, stopped for a coffee and drove to David. Had some time to kill so we stopped at some stores near the Rey Supermarket previously described. Conway, a large department store, is much like a Target…lots for clothes for anyone on 3 floors. Seems someone got stuck for a bit on the first floor in the shoe dept. Very nice, wide selections from babies to kids, to Moms and Dads, plus other depts. with hosehold items, etc.

Walked by Panaphoto as that was the chain where we got the cell phone in PC. They have a wide variety of electronic items, appliances,  in addition to phones, TV’s etc. Also visited a furniture store with a wide variety of mostly contemporary stylings.

Made it to our plane, Aeroperlas, a twin turbo prop with about 80 passenger capacity. It was pretty much full. The Air Panama flight left a few minutes ahead of us with another twin, but a smaller aircraft. Aeroperlas I believe is mostly a Panamanian destination line, while I’ve seen Air Panama is expanding to some other central American countries. Maybe both do some international flights? Copa is one of their bigger international carriers, hooked up with Continental (United? now).

Update: Recently saw that Aeroperlas has gone out of business.

Got our rental car at the Albrook Airport, and on our way. Got some info from the rental attendant about how to get onto the Bridge of the Americas and the PanAm Highway west. Had read several stories from those who tried and got totally lost. Easy to do since signage is mostly non-existant anywhere. In David for example you might see a corner street sign with street names every few blocks if your lucky. Anyway we were doing fine but you wind thru some business areas and actually into what looks like residential areas. Several suggested you ‘rent’ a cabby and taxi to lead you on the route for a few $$’s. We saw one sitting by the roadside waiting for a fare, so stopped and got him to lead us. He stopped in about 3 blocks and picked up another fare, drove on with us following for a few more blocks, pulled to the side and pointed for us to take a left turn onto a narrow street which curved right onto the highway and bridge. NO signs anywhere…to cities, highway #’s, or bridge.

Had very specific instructions for turning off the highway toward Sora and Altos del Maria, a gated community in the mountains as well. We found what was the turn off, which looked like a one lane driveway between a Texaco station and an adjacent business. Drove on by still looking, decided we missed it, drove back by, turned around and finally tried it. It became a narrow winding street for a couple short blocks, then a nice 2 lane road with yellow stripe in the center. A real ‘highway’.

Met the hosts, Ronnie, a Chilean, and Elaine, an American. They’re from Florida. He worked for Delta Airlines and retired several years ago, and she retired about a year ago where she was 24/7/365 with computer when on road, etc. She says she’s still having issues with ‘winding down’ to a more relaxed pace according to her. They invited us to have dinner with them, and we spent some time visiting about travel, our pasts, families, and some touristy tips for our next few days. So tomorrow we’re off to Coronado, an upscale beach community with the closest major stores/shopping, and some nice beach areas. We want to get further north to Santa Clara, which has a more accessible beach and supposedly is one of the nicest in Panama. When the air is clear enough (no clouds) you can easily see the Pacific from here. And from some higher viewpoints you can apparently see both it and the Carribean (Atlantic) at once.

Here is a link to the ‘Casita’ we’re staying at now, with photos.

Maybe some more pics tomorrow. Goodnite now!


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