Panama – Day 9

16 Sep

Got settled into Casa Coqui. A little smaller than Isla Verde, but it has a kitchen. We had scrambled eggs and toast this AM, and headed out for the day. Back down the mountain which has very steep up and down hills but well paved roads. this area is a gated community comprised of large acreages and mostly huge homes. Not really what we’re looking for, but the Casita is nice and not too distant travel to some other areas.

Today we decided to go to Coronado which is near beaches, has a large mall and grocery stores. On the way we were ‘allowed’ to participate in a ‘cattle drive’ of about 18 cows down the narrow 2 lane road.

Sorry for the quality but it was taken out the windshield with the iPad.

Decided to drive back north a bit and out to Punta Chame, a spit of land formed by a bay on one side and the ocean on the other. On the map it looks a bit like a ‘fish hook’ sticking out into the ocean. Things I had read indicated there were some resorts, motels, restaurants, etc. and it is supposedly a popular  beach area for city dwellers to visit. Well there was very little out there. Signs and a few buildings with lodgings but nothing appealing to us so we headed back to Coronado.

Coronado was busy with a large Rey grocery store and some adjacent businesses, and across the street was the 3 story mall with a McDonalds in front. Browsed a bit and left to go further west to Santa Clara, reputed to be among the best beach areas in Panama.

Click here for a Coronado Area Video:

We found another beach access further north in this picture (looking north):

As you can see below, there’s of all kinds going on….noon on Friday.

We looked a bit in the Gorgona and Nueva Gorgona area too.

Headed back toward ‘home’ and saw signs to a large all-inclusive resort, the Decameron.  A Quick Look at the Decameron

It was one of the places we were reffered to for a car rental so wanted to see. There was a large condo resort and golf course complex on the way into the Decameron. We got there as there was a ‘shift’ change with employees going every which way and the narrow road jammed. While trying to turn around I spotted a Hard Rock Cafe souvenir store so of course I had to check it out. There was also a HR Cafe next door but we didn’t go in. But I made a purchase anyway.


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