Panama – Day 10

17 Sep

Spent the day at El Valle, north of Coronado which is on the PanAm highway. The road there was excellent if narrow, and quite windey and serpentine as we got closer to the town. We liked the area the best of all we’ve seen. It just looked clean and well kept.  It is another area which has quite a number of ‘expats’ (Americans, Canadians, and some European transplants). Smaller than Boquete, and at a somewhat lower elevation, it is still cooler and less humid than the coastal areas.

Today was market day, which is held near town center under a large roofed, open air area. They had a number of stalls with fresh produce (fruits, veggies, flowers, plants, etc.) and artisans with all kinds of crafty offerings from jewelry to carved and woven bowls to hammocks and so on! This was quite a bit larger than the market in the park in Boquete.

Take a look: El Valle Market Day

Drove thru some of the neighborhood areas and there are some really nice older homes in established areas, most on large lots to acreages. Saw some newer construction but no condos, apartments buildings, etc. May have had some there but not obvious. Will have to contact some others online or realty firms to find out more specifics.

A couple of the photos show the ocean in the distance. Was kind of overcast toward the coast, and cloudy with some showers in the mountains.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sorry but the blog program insists in adding the following pics to the slide show. Tried twice and can’t separate but you can see the captions with the appropriate pics!

Also got some pictures of the Altos del Maria area where we are staying. There are still a couple amazing locations I’d like to photograph, but parking off the narrow roads to prevent being a hazard is tough. Will still try again tomorrow, We’ve been scouting for spots as we drive back and forth.

Beyond the distant hills is the Pacific, viewable on clear days.

This is the ‘town’ of Sora. There is a hardware type store in the foreground and to the left, a small grocery store, small hotel, and a Chinese restaurant. That’s it! Many of the ‘named’ places on maps are nothing but one to a few houses. Some have signs with names, but most have no signs. Our iPad map tracking was the only way we knew about most.

Our hosts home and the Casita at left with our rental car.

The white stakes mark out lots for sale. There are miles of roads and sites available for sale, mostly by one developer. Can’t imagine the cost, much less the up front expense to accomplish all this on these amazingly steep hillsides. Our hosts lot was appraised by their bank at $180,000, and the now complete project at over $400K. Not exactly cheap by US standards.


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