Panama – Day 11

19 Sep

Today was our last day to explore. Decided yesterday we were going to go back to one of the beach areas. It was overcast here at the Casita, and began to sprinkle lightly as we left. I wanted to get some pictures but it wasn’t clear enough to get what I wanted. So we travelled down and headed to Santa Clara to the nicest beaches. Got there and they were swamped. Very limited parking on the sides of a narrow road….barely enough room for 2 cars to pass each other going opposite directions. Today, Sunday, was the end of a holiday period of some kind as the kids have been out of school all week.

We tried another with worse results, and went exploring again in some nearby locations. There are miles of beaches along here but very limited access by road (at least ones we could find…..remember no signs in Panama), and several we tried were locked down by security gates to private properties, resorts, etc.

Finally headed back mid-afternoon as it began to pour. Took a couple of pictures here at the Casita when we got here of the rain and water run-off. Will try one more time tomorrow on the way down to get a couple more pics!

The Gazebo is in a large park area with loads of parking. Steps on bottom right take one up the hill where you cross the road to a viewpoint.

More country side to the east.

The peak in the distance gives some idea how steep some of this area is. The roads are amazing, up and down constantly.

Sorry for the haze as it was raining. That’s how it stays so green. However on clear days its brilliant and beautiful.

Nothing new for Oregonians, but the temperature was warmer and still comfortable.

Hope you enjoyed the ‘updates’. Its been an interesting time. We still have one more day in Panama, and hopefully some more pictures. Here’s a link to the Facebook Page for:  Bramson’s Casita


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