Panama – Day 12

19 Sep

Back in the city now. Had a nice drive in. Hard time finding the car rental return….only one with a sign out was National. Anyway got the car back after we visited the Albrook Mall one last time. Had waffles for lunch. Shopped for coffee but not much there.

When we returned the car at the airport there was a Kotowa Cafe Shop. It’s the brand we had seen most everywhere we’d been and they have large coffee growing areas near Boquete. Here’s a pic of Cleo getting her final ‘Frappe Mocha, no creme’.

The clouds had cleared enough to get a couple more pictures of the mountain area around Altos del Maria.

Took this out the windshield. If you look carefully you can see the shadow of a large cloud hanging low over the Pacific.

This was also out the windshield. We are going down a pretty step decline, and had been amazed at this driveway each time we went by. It is severely steep up. You’d think they’d need a wench to pull a vehicle up, and there’s a metal gate at the top of what you can see.They have to park, get out and open it. 2 narrow concrete tracks, and not heavily textured for traction.

Near La Chorrera on the PanAm Highway toward Panama City. Off in the distance you can see a roofed pedestrian overpass above the highway. There are bus stops every few miles on both sides of the highway.

Tomorrow LA and then home!


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