First week in Boquete, Panama 11/7/2012

14 Nov

We arrived late afternoon in David (pronounced Da veed in Spanish), the third largest city in Panama.  Our ‘landlords’, David and Cora Kent, met us at the airport and drove us up to Boquete. After a lengthy search online we hooked up with them. They have a large, lovely home with an attached apartment which is rented by ‘Jim’, a retired railroad worker from Eugene, OR. Small world or what? Anyway, next door the Kent’s have 2 side by side Casitas (click link for info & pics).

As it turns out their place is across the road from the first place we stayed at last year, Villa Marita. Since it was late when we got here we decided to wait until morning to get groceries. We ended up having breakfast at Villa the following morning.

We have spent the next week settling in, shopping for groceries, making contact with several English speaking taxi drivers, time on internet with online tasks. We are set up to view online many of our favorite TV shows. And have a number of movies on a backup hard drive, as well as stored ‘in the cloud’. So home style entertainment is available.

As Cleo gets more mobile, there is a Habla Ya Spanish language school in town. We will need some serious work at that. Despite having an employee for over 20 years who spoke fluent Spanish, do you think we even picked up slang? Much less useful phrases. With travels in Mexico, etc. I can read some words and make out marginally with menus. But to listen to spoken words is difficult. Speech is so fast that even with a minimal vocabulary its difficult to understand.

Yesterday we got Cleo into town for lunch at the Sugar & Spice Bakery. We had eaten there last year and its great.

Link to Sugar & Spice Bakery video:

Link to a Quick tour of Boquete:

If you view either of these there will be related videos, several others about Boquete.


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