Thursday, 11/15/12

15 Nov

After a typical Oregon drizzle/rain most of the day yesterday today returned to mixed overcast and some sun, but at least the temprature was mid-to upper 60’s. Afternoon on the deck in the sun was nice and Cleo took off her ‘boot’ and relaxed at bit out there.

I tried to video a quick walk thru our casita the other day but the link didn’t seem to work quite right. And today I found another online made by a couple who apparently travel extensively, and video their adventures. Not sure if they sell something, consult or what but they actually stayed in the same casita we’re in (about 3 years ago), and do a nice job of showing the place and giving commentary. For those interested:

The following video shows some of the area, and a bit of the Flower Festival which is in January (I think) each year. Its a big attraction for the whole country and is in the middle of the ‘dry season’ here.

And I found another video of the area I hadn’t seen before. The first part is scenery of the area with music background, and the last half or so shows some housing/condo developments in the high $$ range.

Finally found out the doctor we’re taking Cleo to is gone until next Thursday, so we’ll go in to David to his clinic across from the large private hospital there. We had a couple referrals online and from our ‘landlords’ the Kents (picture below). They both had surgery done by him. You can’t even see the scar on the back of her hand and he had shoulder work done. Dr. Barria is an orthopedic specialist, well known and apparently travels a lot with lectures, etc. We’ll let you know after Cleo’s visit more about that.

Cora & DavidThis is David and Cora Kent, owners of the Casita we’re staying in now in Boquete.


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