Boquete on the slope of Volcan Baru

18 Nov

Boquete was founded on April 11, 1911, in the mountains of design softwareThe area, a valley at the foot of Baru Volcano in the province of Chiriqui, was chosen specifically as a place where Europeans and Americans involved in the construction of the Panama Canal could recover and enjoy a pleasant stay. Boquete possesses a variety of plants that flower beautifully in different seasons, which is probably how it got its name, Boquete, a word of French origin meaning something like “A bouquet of flowers.”Where nature is in harmony and there are many flowers, there are also many birds, and word has spread among bird lovers from around the world.  Here in the mountains of Boquete, you will find a unique combination of special healing properties.  The cool, clean water from the mountains, the fresh air and the pleasant temperatures which remain fairly constant throughout the year, offer the ideal conditions for regeneration and a pleasant stay in Central America. Even today, the ideal conditions for outdoor activities and health and wellness are website design softwarestill one of the best reasons to leave the noisy city and relocate in Boquete.  Be active in Boquete – whether you are 14 or 80.  Here you will find the perfect conditions to experience nature as you’ve never seen it before in Panama, as well as pleasant company to help you unwind.  .

Activities in Boquete
Boquete is the ideal place to experience the abundant diversity of Panamanian nature.  A number of tours are offered which will bring you in close contact with the region’s flora and fauna. Whether young or mature, Boquete is a treat for all. If you want to do more than just observe nature, you can explore natural habitats firsthand as you rappel through the forest canopy, an unforgettable experience that thousands of visitors try every year. For rafters, Boquete offers world class river rafting adventures with different degrees of difficulty. Or you can view the landscapes on horseback, an ideal activity to enjoy with children.  Even those who prefer to drive or motorbike through the countryside will find opportunities suited to their tastes.  One of the most frequently booked tours, and certainly a must for any visitor, is the coffee tour.    Boquete  also offers a variety of hiking trails, some of which you can explore on your own, while others require the experience of a guide. 


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