Happy Thanksgiving

22 Nov

Cleo and I went to La Posada Restaurant for dinner last night (link to website: http://laposadaboquetena.com/nuestra_terraza.html ) for our Thanksgiving Dinner. Decided to have a nice dinner out after a busy day. Had been hungry for a good steak and the grocery store hasn’t had much to offer. Panamanian beef is reputed to be tough and stringy due to the way its raised; that is range fed, not fattened up like domestic beef at home. The hamburger tho is very lean and great.

Anyway the restaurant is known for great pizza, but also has an extensive menu, a beautiful dining room, and a new terrace room with views to the river below (closed when we were there). The link above shows more at the website for those interested. 


We had met an American couple at breakfast. We had just gotten seated and they were finishing up, came over, introduced themselves, sat down and visited for quite a while. They offered us a ride to Romero’s, the large grocery we have been using, as they were going there too. And they walked into the restaurant last night about 10 minutes after us, sat and had dinner with us.They had barely ordered when our hosts, the Kent’s arrived. They have been working hard for several days preparing for a special dinner for a large group they were hosting for Thanksgiving. A chef was coming for the final cooking, but Cora has been marinating, and ‘preping’ a variety of exotic foods. Both other couples ended having pizza, but we had already ordered our fillets. Best steak dinner either of us had enjoyed in a long time. Anyway Thanksgiving is celebrated by most the Americans here, but is not a Panamanian Holiday. The grocery store had a few frozen turkeys in stock but its not a commonly offered food here. The frozen ones all had American labels, no Spanish, so they’re not a domestic item at all.

Today was the first day Cleo could get in to see Dr. Barria in David. We hoped to get xrays and check progress on her broken leg a bit sooner but he has been gone. We got there early about 8:30 as there are no appointments. The waiting room began to fill, and a variety of staff took various individuals thru closed doors and not speaking Spanish left us wondering a bit about the ‘system’. The doctor arrived about 9:30 and took his first patient who arrived just before us. We followed shortly and had a great meeting with him. He viewed the xrays we brought from her surgery. And promptly set us up for xrays at the Chiriqui Hospital across the street from his office. A staffer from the hospital came with a wheel chair, and rolled Cleo with me following behind into the hospital, down a long hallway to the emergency room area where the equipment is located. Shortly later Cleo got her ‘pictures’ taken and we rolled back to the office. The xrays were emailed to the Dr. and were waiting when we got there. Xray Cost: $22.95. Wow!

We went back into the Dr.’s private office where we viewed the xrays, and he pointed out progress and explained what was what. Prognosis: she’s doing very well. He has her on a schedule to ‘toe touch’ walking on crutches this week, 25% weight the following week, and 50% the third. They had a physical therapy room in the office with several therapists, including one young lady who spoke English. (Did I mention the Dr. speaks fluent English too). Cleo had her first therapy session right then. And follow ups each Thursday for the next 2 weeks at which time she will be re-evaluated as to continuing therapy.

So it was a good day for Cleo and her spirits were lifted nicely! The Dr. meetings, and therapy session: $45.

The Dr. will probably schedule her for minor surgery at the hospital on Dec. 15th to remove one of the screws, one which goes thru both bones currently to allow ligaments to heal without movement. Her Salem surgeon had told us that would probably happen as it can occasionally be left in, but generally not. He even made sure we knew what type screw was used to insure the correct tools available when its done.

So ended our Thanksgiving Day.

The Waiting Room:



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