Bajareque (ba ha rae kay)

26 Nov

Bajareque in Panama refers to a mountain mist or drizzle…(similar to the Oregon ones but a much finer mist) and when combined with the bright sunshine and the right angle you will see the most brilliant rainbows you can imagine. Yesterday Cora came hurriedly to our casita hollering for me to come quickly to see something. We walked down the road to the east, coming to the edge of a deep canyon, only to see the most brilliant rainbow with a second one visible above, and even a third barely visible (not in photo).


This morning she came again telling us to look out on the deck and beyond toward Mt. Baru to the west to see another. When they first came to Panama they used to ‘chase’ rainbows driving around to find them when conditions appeared promising.


Cleo has been getting some ‘workouts’ done with the crutches since she can now to ‘toe touches’.


Caught most of the Oregon vs Oregon State football game Saturday. Internet connection hesitated a bit now and then but still was nice to keep in touch with some of that. Xfinity-Comcast has online service for On Demand and some live channels including the Pac-12 Network. You can log on there and choose from about 7 channels to see various teams/sports live. Just in case some of you didn’t know that!

Also caught some NFL again this weekend too! Took some research but found out how to get around the obstacles. Comcast won’t allow broadcast log-ins out of the US. The how is a secret! If someone really needs help, let me know.


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