Cleo’s Favorite Hangout!

5 Dec

Cleo’s favorite spot is at Los Establos Plaza. Our first trip to Boquete we stayed at the Isla Verde resort (see early posts for pictures and video), and used to walk down here (about 2 blocks) to have Mocha Frappes. The Plaza is a newer building here, and houses a lot of eco-adventure businesses, offices for lawyers and insurance, a bank (we use the ATM here), and ice cream store, some retail shops, and the Kotowa Coffee shop (one of several in town). The Kotowa Company is one of the largest growers, roasters, and wholesaler/retailers here, and have retail outlets in Panama City and around the country. This trip we found the building property has a great ‘wheelchair’ access ramp from the parking lot to the elevated plaza location so its easy to get there for her. And its a comfortable location to hang out during the day, read a book, and people watch. With all the tourists there’s quite a mix…from professional looking men waiting to leave for their off-shore fishing trips, to back packers staying in local hostels, and going zip lining, rafting, white water trips, and mountain trail hikes to list a few offerings.

Los Establos Plaza

Great place to watch the world go by!

Great place to watch the world go by!


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