Technical Glitch

5 Dec

Our laptop computer has a problem….no display. Initially thought we’d lost the display screen, but the local computer guru thinks it may just be the power supply and they are working on it.

While we can Post with our iPad, the details of how it works with the Blog are somewhat different, so I’ve delayed putting more up for a few days. Time now to plunge ahead!

Left off with pictures and info on the large Rey Grocery store in David. Thought some might want to see the Boquete offering. Romero’s is another national chain. The local store is much smaller than the other due to location and population. Here’s a couple pictures, one front to back, and one across the front at the crowded check out lines.

A view front to back

A view front to back

Busy day....Saturday

Busy day….Saturday

As we left the store we noticed the Christmas Tree Sales display. Note the 4 ft. sad little pine for $29.15. Maybe an import opportunity for someone from home! I’m sure trees would survive a few weeks at sea on a container wouldn’t they??

Christmas Anyone?


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