Lazy Tuesday

11 Dec

Went into town this morning. Left Cleo at her ‘hang-out’ while I walked over to the ‘Tuesday Market’ and then shopped for some groceries. Met up again with another couple, Angela and Bob Hanson, from Chandler, AZ. They are here surveying the territory too, planning to re-locate here and possibly build a home. We’re going with them tomorrow to see some areas out of David, and possibly toward the Pacific Ocean beaches.

Following is a picture of the Biblioteca de Boquete (Boquete Library). It is a new building, inagurated in Feb. 2012. It was a project of the local Lion’s Club, assited by some other local charities (many supported by the local North American population) and with no government participation. We’ve been told it is the first ‘lending library’ in the country. News articles indicate they are trying to maintain a 70%-30% ratio of Spanish to English books. But because the ‘gringos’ donate so many books, they are spending almost their entire budget to purchase Spanish language books and publications.

It’s a beautiful 3 story building and has become a cultural center for the area. A few weeks ago they had a local artists, judged exhibit there. Art was for sale, etc.


NOTE: You can ‘double click’ on any of the blog photos to see larger display versions!

Took a picture from the deck of a large stalk of bananas growing near the Gazebo-Barbeque area below. Definitely different here!



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