Saturday in David

16 Dec

Cleo had her therapy and Dr. appointment on Thursday, but the Dr. had an emergency call and was in Panama City, apparently for surgery there. We came back on Sat. to meet with him….anxious to know more about when she’ll have surgery to remove the screw which goes through 2 bones. After a short meeting with him she’s set for 3 more weeks of continuing therapy, xrays the third week, and surgery Jan 10th.

Decided to check out another large grocery chain here….Super Baru. It had a few things we hadn’t found elsewhere.

Down an aisle at Super Baru.

Sideways view at Super Baru.

Sideways view from front at Super Baru

Down an aisle at Super Baru

The Hanson’s had called, knowing we were going to David, and asked if they could ride home with us since they were returning their rental car at the airport. So we went there to get them, and returned home to Boquete. We had set up an appointment with a builder/contractor we had met with last year. He has a condo project comprised of 4-Plex units, 2 up and 2 down. He sells them and rents a few, and we wanted to see if he might have something available next June when we return. Sounds promising after visiting with him. We stopped by the project to take a look. One new building since we were there last year is finished, another a month or so from done, and framing on another is underway. We took some pictures while there of the new construction. And I added a few from his website from some of the others. He rents them fully furnished, linens, towels, down to silverware in drawers.

Parking side of a 4-Plex

Parking side of a 4-Plex

View 1

View 1

View 2

View 2

View 3

View 3

condo ext2








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