29 Dec

Had a quiet Christmas Day. Went out to dinner at the restaurant in Valle Escondido (hidden valley). It’s a very impressive development a few blocks out of town, but completely hidden in a small adjacent valley. Many large homes (some into millions of $), its own village with shops, cantina, restaurants,  etc. It is a gated community with secure access and guarded gate. Has a small 9 hole golf course, riding stables, tennis courts, enclosed swimming pool, etc.
The restaurant was pretty quiet too, since Xmas eve was the busy time there. One of the couples we were with was also from Arizona. They swapped homes with a local couple and each are ‘dog sitting’ for the other while living in the exchanged homes for a few weeks. They are looking for a lot to build, but not in this development….lots range up to over $200,000 alone.
Spent some time ‘Face Time’ ing with family which was nice to visit live. Here’s a pic of our ‘token’ decorations. The packaging on some M&M candy had a freeby Xmas stocking, and we bought a small string of lights. Hope all had a Happy Holiday. On to New Years.
A funny news side note….seems police in Panama City tried to arrest a guy selling Xmas trees. Seems he was spray painting the dried remains green! But apparently there was no law against it. If you missed seeing them see earlier posts of the pathetic little trees here, and the outrageous prices.


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