Playing Catch Up!

4 Jan

Adding a few pictures I haven’t gotten online previously of the area where we’ve been, near the Kent’s Casita. (Remember to click to enlarge the photos) There’s a huge ‘castle house’ just below their home. That’s the Kent’s home back on the left in the picture.

Huge 'Castle Home'

Huge ‘Castle Home’

Seems we’ve been busy the past few days….get togethers with some other Americans looking to relocate too!  Packing to move from the casita into town at Isla Verde, and getting settled in there. A New Years pizza dinner with the first couple we met here. Joe and Linda invited us to come over to another American couples home who have been here about 8 years if I remember correctly …. Orville and Charlotte. And a third couple, Bob and Donna, who like us sold their home, ‘unloaded everything’ and are looking for new digs here.

Below are Charlotte, Cleo, Linda, Donna, & Bob. 
Here’s the guys from behind; Bob, Joe, and Orville.

Along the way Cleo’s had a couple therapy sessions, one with a new masseuse right here at Isle Verde. A 30 yard walk instead of a 40 minute drive to the city. However the Doctors staff still have some specialized equipment, so will probably do both for a while. We were just in David yesterday for a session. Her surgeon is in China now, but apparently still on schedule to return in time for her surgery to remove the screw on Jan. 10th. Will be nice to have that done, and know more about getting back to normal.

It’s a 3 block walk now down to Kotowa Coffee Shop for Cleo’s (and my) mochas. Here’s another picture of the ‘Plaza’ where we hang out a bit most days. Even easier now.

Another view back in the mall near the ice cream shop/

Another view back in the mall near the ice cream shop/

The ATM machine here is quite popular as well.

The internet was out during the OSU game last week, but we got to watch Oregon ‘kick’ Kansas last night. Fun to see!!

Here’s a picture of another rainbow, taken off our back deck a couple days ago. Had another even larger, brighter one tonite too!


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