Isla Verde de Panama

5 Jan

We got ‘moved in’ here at our new digs on the Jan 1st, and will be here thru the 28th. We have scheduled 3 days south on the Pacific coast for a ‘vacation’ before we move on the Volcan for the final 3 weeks of this trip to Panama.
Here’s a link to the short YouTube video we made when here in Sept. 2011.

Isla Verde Reception Office

Isla Verde Reception Office

Our 'upstairs' unit. Note the hammock.

Our ‘upstairs’ unit. Note the hammock.

Toward the view from our back deck.

Toward the view from our back deck.

More garden area

More garden area

Path thru property. Domed structure os where they serve breakfast.

Path thru property. Domed structure is where they serve breakfast.


2 Responses to “Isla Verde de Panama”

  1. Tom Marks January 5, 2013 at 2:12 pm #

    It sure looks nice there! I hope you are having a wonderful time. Cleo I hope the foot is doing better an not causing a lot of pain.

    I picked up on your New Year’s celebration with some other ex-pats. Did the rest of the community celebrate? Do they shoot off fireworks and make noise at midnight?

    I hope you weren’t able to watch the Beavers plat in the Alamo Bowl, kind of sad.On the other hand, the Ducks had an exciting win in the Fiesta Bowl!

    I appreciate your blog – hearing and seeing about your adventure in Panama. I wonder if I could ever get Lynne to do something like that. It looks pretty cool to me.

    Take care and enjoy!

    • Ray & Cleo's Blog January 5, 2013 at 8:12 pm #

      Cleo’s leg is doing much better. Still has her boot most of the time and 1 crutch. Goes in for surgery to remove a screw on the 10th. Her surgeon is in China now but supposed to be back in time for the scheduled operation. Hopefully that will put her well on her way to normal.
      Yes the Panamanians celebrate early and long. Started before midnight Christmas Eve, and the same New Year’s Eve. We had 2 large parades in town within 4 days of our arrival…freedom from Spain a couple hundred years ago or so was a national event, and the 2nd more local with kids out of school, etc. And we had another parade a couple days before Christmas.

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