Mid-Week Ramblings

17 Jan

Putting up a few pictures from the last couple days. Here’s Cleo on our way to coffee this morning, WITHOUT her ‘sticks’. We pass by two old, small Panamanian wood frame houses. And the small bridge crosses the creek that runs behind our lodging. The flowers have been coming on recently, and were quite striking today with the sunshine. The purple Bouganvillea is one of the colors it has here. Not sure about the other varieties, but made a nice photo.

Cleo without 'sticks'!

We went to ‘the Fair’ yesterday morning, hoping it would be a bit quieter crowd wise, and it was. We were able to take a stroll around the gardens, and spent some time looking thru the vendor booths. Here’s a few more pictures of the gardens.

Fair Garden 1

Went into a large greenhouse which had lots of plants for sale.

Went into a large greenhouse which had lots of plants for sale.

Fair garden 2

Last week we tried a Mexican Restaurant nearby. Extensive menu, and was good. Interesting, I ordered a beer to have with dinner. The waitress served it right away, so I was sipping on it. Another couple came in and ordered. Shortly after the waitress came quickly back to our table, apologized and took away my beer bottle. Seems it was another Panamanian Holiday. She had forgotten and its illegal to sell alcohol on Holidays. There are very strict laws and penalties if caught. She came back in a bit with a cup filled with the remainder of my beer, explaining ‘this is coffee’. As we left I complimented her on their ‘bueno’ (good) coffee and we all laughed.

Tried a Mexican Restaurant nearby.

Sorry about the ‘shaky camera’ work.


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