EcoTourist Economy

26 Jan

Los Establos Plaza, where we almost daily have mochas and you have seen pictures, has a number of businesses which cater to tourists. Several others are located across and along the street, and they are a strong magnet to attract visitors from around Panama, as well as from foreign countries. There have been several German ladies staying at Isla Verde recently. The Habla Ya Spanish Language School located here has host families for students to come and live and study. This past week there were probably 20 to 25 foreign students, Scandanavian, though not exactly sure which country. About 2/3 girls and rest boys, in their late teens to early 20’s. They wore uniform sweaters with logos which suggested they were part of a cruise group. They were attending morning lanquage classes here. Habla Ya also has a similar setup in Bocas del Toro near the Costa Rican border on the Carribean north of here. They apparently also have some locations in South America as well.
Among the offerings are zip-line tree top treks, eco-tours, coffee finca (farms) tours including roasting facilities, white water rafting, kayak trips, trail hikes w/waterfalls, bird watching, quad trail rides and rentals, ocean fishing, and off shore island tours. Here’s a few pictures of some of that at the ‘plaza’.

Boquete Outdoor Adventures
Adventure Tours
Habla School
Habla School


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