Weekend Special – Car Show & Other Stuff!

26 Jan

Walked down for coffee late this morning, and while Cleo waited I went on to shop for a few groceries. As I passed the Central Park I was surprised at the larger crowd. When I got closer they were grouped around several cars. Apparently a Car Show was in progress. We had seen 3 cars in a row go by last night with Costa Rican licenses and thought it unusual, and perhaps several in a family travelling together. Most of the cars displayed were from Costa Rica. Its not like seeing a car from another state in the US. It is a very involved process and paper work system to bring vehicles across the border from Costa Rica. Rental cars are strictly not allowed, with few exceptions. The car owners were dressed in monogrammed shirts for Chiriqui (local Panama ‘state’), so that added to the confusion too. But people were enjoying the event regardless of how it came to be. Here’s some pictures:
Car Show

Car Show

Car Show

Car Show

Car Show

On our Thursday trip into David we stopped at the shopping center closest to the road back to Boquete. You’ve seen the Rey grocery store there. I took Cleo to Arrocha department store (much like a Nordstrom’s but without clothes and add a pharmacy). They have most of the first floor with womens cosmetics, etc. There was a large housewares section I didn’t remember seeing during my quick pass through before Christmas. So Cleo browsed the sections to help decide what to bring with us when we come back and what we can get here and avoid the shipping hassle. We didn’t even go up to the second floor. At Christmas time it was largely kids toys and Xmas Decor.
Here’s a couple pictures of the main floor:



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