More on Visit to Volcan & Lunch at the Bistro

16 Feb

While we were in Volcan, we decided to go on up to Cerro Punta (see earlier posts for more), and have lunch at a place Linda had been. Here’s a picture of the 2nd story restaurant. Notice the stalks of bananas and plantain hanging in the center.


Don’t remember the name, but the food was really good. I had a chicken breast in some sort of orange (naranja) sauce with mixed veggies. Cleo had a bowl of Lentil soup, and the Hart’s split a pizza.

Joe had built a pond by their front entrance and was looking for some water lillies to add. The referral we finally got was to Fina Dracula (Dracula Farm, hee hee!)…..a nearly inaccessible tourist destination as an orchid nursery. Alas no joy as all they had were orchids. I shot a picture from the road into the place, with a pond, waterfall (distant center), and greenhouse structures.


Then on Friday we had lunch with a couple, Trish and Brian, we met at the Dr.’s office in David. She also broke her leg, and is a few weeks behind Cleo in recovering. They live in Potrorillas, a nearby town southwest of here. Anyway it had been a few weeks since we’d visited, as Cleo’s therapy sessions ended. We had a nice visit. Trish is hoping to recover in time for a trip to Turkey with her book club members. Then Brian is meeting her in Paris for some time there. They live here in Panama about 6 months a year, and have been doing that for several years. Here’s a look at lunch:

Brian;s Bacon Cheeseburger

Brian’s Bacon Cheeseburger

Trish's Chicken Salad Wrap

Trish’s Chicken Salad Wrap

Cleo's Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon and Fruit

Cleo’s Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon and Fruit

Ray's French Toast,  Bananas Foster with Rum sauce and Fruit.

Ray’s French Toast, Bananas Foster with Rum Sauce and Fruit.


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