Coming Home

20 Feb

We’re sitting in Tocumen International Airport waiting for our flight to Houston. Yah! for FREE Internet access.

We had a ‘last supper’ with Joe and Linda, and Orville and Charlotte who we hadn’t seen since New Years. Joe took a picture of us while in the garden dining area of Amigos.

Oui Tu! At Amigos. Last night in Boquete.

Oui Tu! At Amigos. Last night in Boquete.

Drove to David to overnite for an 8:15 AM flight to Panama City. Waiting for our United flight to Houston, then on home about midnight tonight.

Yesterday we toured a bit of downtown David….a place we’ve avoided like the plaque! Narrow streets, crowded sidewalks, no visible parking, etc. We parked the car at the large shopping center (Rey grocery, Arrocha Dept. store seen previously), and took a taxi into city center ($2). Here’s a picture of the Central Park….the fountain was shut down for maintenance.

David Parque Central

David Parque Central

We shopped in a couple stores. I saw a large fabric store across from the park…..lots of fabrics, from $0.99 per yard. Speaking no useable Spanish we got little info from the sales person who followed us around.
Cleo looking over the 'goods'.

Cleo looking over the ‘goods’.

More fabrics

More fabrics

We also found the new Champeon Dept. Store, a 3 story with supposed underground parking. Here’s a couple of photos. The store is quite large and has an amazing assortment, from clothing and shoes, to furniture, kitchen items, baby/nursery, home decor, etc.
Some of the furniture

Some of the furniture

Near the escalators...3 floors.

Near the escalators…3 floors.

Looking forward to seeing family soon. We may add more here sometime soon! Hoping those who followed our ‘expedition’ have enjoyed same.


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