We have arrived in Panama again for about 4 months, for an extended stay and give us a chance to see how we adapt to our ‘new retired life’. We will return to Oregon in late February and hope to find a furnished rental in Ft. Wayne, IN. We hope to see our grandson Chris’ senior year playing lacrosse for Indiana Tech and his graduation from college. Then return to Oregon for our granddaughter’s high school graduation. Assuming all goes well with our extended stay in Panama we would return on a more permanent basis.

Following is the prelude to our initial exploration of Panama in 2011:

The Panama trip is an exploration of areas we think we’re interested in for a ‘retirement’ location for some period of time. After about a year of monitoring Yahoo Email Groups, and researching various information on areas of Panama, we decided upon an itenerary for a ‘boots on the ground’ exploration of the living conditions as they might affect us.

We are looking for a warmer climate. We certainly don’t expect less rain (the annual rainfall in most of Panama is several times that of Oregon), but are more concerned about our reaction to the different humidity. Having traveled to Louisianna and Florida for instance, we have experienced similar conditions but for shorter times.

Areas we are interested in are primarily the ‘highlands’ in central and western Panama where tempratures are cooler, and humidity hopefully more bearable. Language will be an issue as our Spanish is limited and we’ll have to work on it, but the century of US presence has left a legacy of English spoken, especially in more advanced professions.

Living costs are reputed to be more reasonable, foreign income is not taxed, medical facilities and staffing are first world in major areas, with most medical staff trained in the US or Europe and speaking English.

In short the trip will give us first hand experience with how we could adapt. And while we still have our good health and mobility, we are looking forward to the challenges and opportunities. Of course we’re not abandoning the US. Today’s communication resources, such as Facebook, Skype, and Face Time will allow us to keep tabs, and have ‘tabs ‘kept’ on us.

The difficulty emailing large comments with higher resolution photos has perhaps made this blog a useful tool to let others follow what we’re up to. Sorry for the almost week late start!


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