Miller’s Casita + Panama City

7 Feb

Actually Rick and Cheryl Miller’s Casita. No relation! It’s a small world sometimes. And seems even more so here as time passes. I mentioned early on this trip that an apartment renter where we were first located was a retired railroad worker from Eugene, OR. The next morning at the grocery store, the first guy (American type) we met was someone who lived and used to own apartments in NE Salem several years ago. We met another couple (Americans) at the ‘coffee place’, Ron and Karen. She’s originally from St. Helens, OR. We have tried to hook up with another lady here who has an apartment for rent. Finally got ahold of her and got the exact address location (did I mention they DO NOT have mail service here because there are no addresses here, at least visible to the public as there are rarely street signs anywhere including David, the second largest city in the country…mostly just legal property descriptions), and the unit is on the second floor of the building which houses the car rental business where we got our car.
Anyway here’s a video I shot of the Casita:

For any who think Panama’s a ‘third world’ country here’s a couple videos of the city. While there are ample rural, agricultural areas we have rarely found any lack of cell phone service, to include the data sim for our iPad so it can work like GPS.
The first is a brief promotional ad:

And another about the city:

I’ll probably add some other videos another day!
Buenos Noches!


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